USPlabs Pink Magic™

WARNING: If you have ANY issue whatsoever with the color or name Pink Magic, stop reading now. If you feel you’re just too cool, tough or “manly”, this is not for you.

If the color pink makes you uncomfortable (outwardly, of course – we all know you play dress up when no one is looking – not that there’s anything wrong with that) leave now, you simply won’t be able to handle this.

However, if you’re a rationale human being and can “handle” (and maybe even enjoy) swallowing little pink pills that can help you crush workouts & reach your goals, then read away – Pink just may be your new favorite color.

“Hi Jacob, Man, you spoke the truth about Pink Magic! The effects are just simply amazing! My strength has gone from crazy to freaky crazy! I see what you meant about the increase in muscle hardness and my veins are blowing up like oil pipes! I've always been vascular but this stuff is taking me to a whole new level. My intensity level in the gym has been ridiculous, I've been tearing the gym apart every time I go in there. I do believe I found my favorite supplement by far! This stuff is legal right? LOL! I can't wait to see what happens the rest of the duration of the cycle! Thanks again, this stuff is awesome!!! It was definitely worth the wait!” – Chad Shaw, Wisconsin

Pink Magic"The Look"

Let's face it, whether you're big, small, ripped, fat, smooth, sliced or somewhere in between, your physique would skyrocket in "stature & respect" if you were able to add dense muscle – cut to smithereens, vascular and as full as a hot air balloon...

...I don't care if you're a buck 30 soaking wet or a solid 3 bills year 'round...nothing takes your physique to the next level like adding dense muscle that's lean and vascular. NOTHING.

This is commonly referred to as "The Look" – lean & vascular, yet dense, full muscle development... Unfortunately, it's unbelievably difficult to accomplish naturally...

It’s Your Choice - Ripped & Weak or Big & Fat

When you bulk up, you get soft & smooth as a baby's behind...When you lean out, you're muscles get weak and so flat Aunt Jemima would be proud... It always seems as though you're taking two steps forward and one step back. This is nothing new...Bodybuilder’s - Fitness Freaks & Everyday Joe's have been dealing with this since the first barbell was invented...

USPlabs Pink Magic™

It’s an instant underground legend. Buzz built so fast tabloids are jealous. So Bad Assed We Had To Make It Pink. Like A Lost Treasure Chest

As legend has it, the Pink Magic formula was sitting in CEO Jacob Geissler's office for over a year, untouched & hidden, as it was delivered while away on business & lost in the shuffle. Once discovered, USPlabs employee/product tester extraordinaire & workout freak Joe Simone was given a bottle and all was forgotten...

...Remember, dozens, even hundreds of herbs are tested per year with just a select few making the cut...

Then Joe's email hit our inbox – "Ok, you guys need to come clean. What the %^*!'s in these pink pills & how can I get more?" writes Joe "rapid vascularity, balloon-like muscle fullness with real, all day pumps, great recovery, crazy strong & a feeling like no-other."...And the name USPlabs Pink Magic was born...

Could It Really Be THIS Good?

Joe is brutally honest & he does train like a madman with his eating on point, but maybe he's a hyper-responder? Only one way to find out: test!

Tests come back with flying colors. PR's dropping like flies. Workout destruction like hammer to glass. But there's one MAJOR problem...this year's harvest has passed so legit ingredients are tough to come by. We can't possibly make enough to satisfy everyone...

Critical Harvest Time

In order to get the most out of an herb, it must be harvested at its peak...It's the same reason why fruit & vegetables look & taste better when their in-season... No one ever talks about this, but it's critical when dealing with herbs...

Must Find A Way

Even though it's in short supply, we have to bring Pink Magic to market, we owe it to our customers – how could we ever sit on something this good? Truth is, we couldn't. So we made as much as we possibly could, but materials weren't in large supply... So, instead of waiting 6-9 months so we had enough to supply the world, we say screw it, let's make as much as we can and let the chips fall where they may...

USPlabs Pink Magic Breakdown

Pink Magic contains just a few key ingredients done right, not the kitchen-sink approach or sprinkled prairie-dust to try and make the formula look better...

USPlabs Pink Magic ingredients:USPlabs Pink Magic

Nelumbo nucifera (stem and leaves) and Rhamnus nakaharai (stem): These plants have a wide range of potentially exciting properties...Certain compounds present in these plants have been shown in animal models to inhibit various subtypes of phosphodiesterase, an enzyme (technically, a class of enzymes) which degrades cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophostphae) and cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate), cyclic nucleotide molecules which serve important roles in the human body (2).

By inhibiting these different subtypes of phosphodiesterase, cAMP and cGMP levels can be increased in different tissues where various beneficial effects can be seen. First, by inhibiting the cAMP-phosphodiesterase in skeletal muscle, it is thought that an anti-catabolic effect can be seen by suppressing calcium and ATP-dependent proteolysis, a mechanism that is shared by compounds like clenbuterol (3-10).

By increasing intracellular cAMP in skeletal muscle and the consequential decrease in calcium and ATP-dependent proteolysis, a net positive protein balance may occur in muscle… This is a rarely-exploited natural anti-catabolic/anabolic pathway...and a VERY exciting one to say the least...and we aren't even close to being done...

Potential Fat Loss Too?

Furthermore, by increasing cAMP in fat cells, lipolysis (fat breakdown) can also increase…In fact, animal model studies and traditional Asian medicine have noted this exact thing, demonstrating increased lipolysis and anti-obesity properties (11-13).

That's Not All Folks – More MOA's

Amino & Glucose Transport: In addition to these effects, by inhibiting other subtypes of phosphodiesterase a vasodilatory effect can occur, allowing for increased amino acid and glucose transport to skeletal muscle (2,14-17).

Pumped To The Gills While Cutting?

In addition, this vasodilatory effect can potentially lead to greater "pumps" and the feeling of fuller muscles, while also potentially increasing lipolysis (2,18).

Keeps Going Like That Bunny

Unlike various nitric oxide (NO) products which can lose their effectiveness over time, these compounds will not do so.

Synergystic with Nitric Oxide Products?

In fact, these compounds may prevent N.O. products from losing their effectiveness in the first place (19-23).

Additionally, these compounds may even increase or potentiate the effects of nitric oxide products(24).

How so, you ask?

Well, to answer that, we must look at how the beloved nitric oxide (N.O.) molecule allows for vasodilation and the subsequent benefits. N.O. is involved in the NO/guanylyl (guanylate) cyclase/cyclic GMP-dependent cascade...In effect, it is thought that the N.O. molecule works by binding to and activating soluble guanylyl (guanylate) cyclase, which in turn catalyzes the formation of cGMP from guanosine triphosphate (GTP).

Once the previously mentioned second messenger, cGMP accumulates intracellularly in the given cell/tissue type (in this case smooth muscle), activation of cGMP-dependent protein kinase (protein kinase G or PKG) occurs and eventually leads to vasodilation, in this particular case.

So, again, how might Pink Magic prevent N.O. products from losing their effectiveness and possibly even potentiate their effects? Well, it appears that one mechanism behind the reduction of N.O.'s effectiveness is an increase in the activity of cGMP-phosphodiesterase, which as we discussed earlier, is responsible for degrading cGMP. Since the body can't stop you from ingesting compounds designed to increase N.O., it does the next best thing by increasing the expression of enzymes designed to reduce the downstream effectiveness of N.O. In effect, it decreases levels of cGMP and thus reduces the level of vasodilation and other potential benefits...

However, since Pink Magic contains compounds known to inhibit cGMP phosphodiesterase, this can not only work to prevent the decline in effectiveness of N.O. products, it may even potentiate the effects of them through the same mechanism. You'll have that N.O. product working to increase cGMP levels, while the key ingredients in Pink Magic may prevent the degradation of cGMP! Yet, unlike most N.O. products, these compounds won't succumb to decreased effectiveness through decreased cGMP levels.


If this weren't enough, one may also notice an increase in resistance to fatigue as a result of direct effect upon skeletal muscle (i.e., cAMP accumulation in both type I [slow-twitch] and type II [fast-twitch] can result in a resistance or decrease of fatigue) and the diaphragm; furthermore, by increasing cGMP accumulation in other cell types, one can potentially increase blood flow and the contractility of the heart, also resulting in greater resistance to fatigue (14,25). In other words, you may be able to bang out more reps!

Strong Like Bull

As if all that wasn't enough, the compounds in the product can also potentially increase strength (26). By inhibiting one of the phosphodiesterase subtypes, the contractility of skeletal muscles is increased. It is thought that this is accomplished by increasing therelease of acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction while also sensitizing itto acetylcholine.

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Test Booster too?

Massularia Acuminata: At this point, it can't get much better, can it? You bet your ass it can. Massularia acuminata is a plant that has long been used in parts of Africa as an aphrodisiac...Recent evidence suggests that these aphrodisiac properties noted anecdotally in humans, are due to the plant's ability to increase endogenous testosterone levels.

In a study in animal models, an aqueous extract of the plant was shown to increase serum luteinizing hormone and testicular testosterone levels by approximately 66% and 60%, respectively, relative to controls, after 3 weeks of administration in the highest dose group (1). The increase in testosterone was found to be a dose-dependent effect, increasing significantly with each dose escalation.

In addition, other androgenic markers also indicated that the plant was effective in this regard, including a significant increase in testes-bodyweight ratio. The authors of the study concluded that the use of the plant as an aphrodisiac is likely tied to its androgenic potential (i.e., ability to increase testosterone levels), based upon these data gathered in an animal model.

All of these effects were demonstrated without any note of adverse effects. That's right, a potent natural test stimulator as an "added benefit" - wow! How do ya like them apples? Even if you hate apples, you're lovin' the sound of this...

You Better Bring Your "A" Game

I want to be perfectly clear: Pink Magic isn't for dudes that train biceps 6 times per week and wouldn't know a squat if it dropkicked them across the face. Will Pink Magic give you a "sick pump bro" if you just blast guns every day? Sure...But don't insult it like that. That's not why we released it...

We released it because:

A. It's awesome

B. The feedback by dozens & dozens of testers screaming for more after they ran it. These were serious lifters who know their bodies & know when something is working...Not some clowns with ILS (Imaginary Lat Syndrome in case you were wondering)...

If you're offended by my last sentence, then tough cookies. Go drink some pump juice and carry on with your Ron Burgundy-like concentration curls...

BUY NOW! USPlabs Pink Magic™ 

*The Beta-testing group was a group of individuals who were provided with a bottle of Pink Magic (no charge) to provide their detailed experience with the product. They were told to report their results – good, bad or indifferent at "Pink Magic Chronicles". They were also instructed not to use any supplements along with Pink Magic besides basic supplements such as multi-vitamins, fish oil, protein, creatine etc. Some users may have used additional supplements. USPlabs had no control over this. This was the largest "real-time" Beta-test in USPlabs history. The excerpts in this letter are from our most successful testers.


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