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Protocols concentrate on weight loss, performance enhancement, disease management and age management issues using only prevention and optimization in areas of wellness such as; sleep, nutrition, hormones, exercise, diet, inflammation reduction, and lifestyle modification. Our online wellness platform makes getting all of our products and services quick and easy.

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HCG Diet Plan TelewellnessMD

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ve successfully implemented this treatment program for thousands of patients with many different weight loss needs. For people that need to lose 10 pounds or 200 pounds.

There are certain medical issues, such as problems with individual biochemistry and metabolism that can cause one to pack on pounds. Of the 78 percent of the population who are overweight, portions of these people are weight-loss resistant.
If you are in that category, know that these medical conditions are studied, and there are ways to correct them.

We're with you every step of the way! Your medical doctor supervises your entire journey to ensure your success. Wellness Consultations are required and
can be scheduled and completed in a matter of minutes! 

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We interview and carefully select clients on a first come first serve basis each month. For pricing, program information, and to schedule your FREE interview please email us and include your name, phone number, and best time to contact you and we will reach out to you with further details. Learn more here!
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Recommended Products to Support the HCG Diet


The Glutathione, the most powerful antioxidant in the human body, is naturally occurring substance that acts as a detoxifier, an antioxidant and an immune system booster. Something that can help your body repair damage caused by stress, pollution, radiation, infection, drugs, poor diet, aging, injury, trauma, and burns.
Glutathione is not well absorbed orally, making the injection delivery a much more effective option. This is a preventative supplement used to reduce the free radical damage in the body and help prevent disease and inflammation. This injection is great for general supplementation and can be used in combination with any of the other B / Lipo compounds. Click here for more info on Glutathione

Lipotropic compounds are used on the potential for release of fat deposits in some parts of the body. The lipotropic agents included in this injection are:

  • Methionine, which helps the liver maintain the optimal ability to process fatty acids
  • Choline, which stimulates the mobilization of fatty acids and prevents their deposition in a given part of the body
  • Inositol, which aids in the transport of fat into and out of the liver and intestinal cells, acts synergistically with choline, exhibiting more lipotropic activity than when administered alone
B12 is purported by its users and practitioners to help speed up overall metabolic processes and create a greater feeling of overall energy & well-being. Because these lipotropics are structurally and functionally closely related to the B-vitams, they are often employed together in the hope of potentiating the potential for fat-lossClick here for more info on Lipo C Injections

Lipo B is a mixture of compounds that may aid in the reduction of adipose tissue (fat). The mixture of compounds individually may be effective, however in combination they may exhibit more lipotropic activity than when administered alone in a synergistic fashion. Injection of this mixture of lipotropic compounds may be more effective than oral supplementation, this is due to the increased bioavailability of parenteral exposure. Click here for more info.

Methylcobalamin Injection

Methylcobalamin Max is a higher concentration of B12 at 10,000 mcg/ml, allowing for subcutaneous administration.Methylcobalamin is the most active form of the Vitamin B12 family. This is what the body converts Cyanocobalamin into, so it is more readily available to the body.

This form of B12 is better absorbed than Cyanocobalamin because it is more bioavailable. Vitamin B12 is an essential component for proper digestion and absorption of foods and for normal metabolism of carbohydrates, and fat. It aids in maintaining healthy nerve cells and red blood cells and is needed to make DNA. Vitamin B12 is also involved in homocysteine metabolism and plays a critical role in proper energy metabolism, immune function, and nerve function. Several disorders have recently been linked to possible vitamin B12 deficiencies. Click here for more info.

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Glutathione, the most powerful antioxidant in the human body, is naturally occurring substance that acts as a detoxifier, an antioxidant and an immune system booster. Something that can help your body repair damage caused by stress, pollution, radiation, infection, drugs, poor diet, aging, injury, trauma, and burns.
Glutathione is not well absorbed orally, making the injection delivery a much more effective option. This is a preventative supplement used to reduce the free radical damage in the body and help prevent disease and inflammation. This injection is great for general supplementation and can be used in combination with any of the other B / Lipo compounds. Click here for more info on Glutathione

The "HCG Diet Recipe Handbook™

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The HCG Diet Recipe Handbook is a digital cookbook that contains over 200+ low calorie diet recipes for the HCG Diet Phase 2 of the HCG Diet protocol. Each and every recipe has been perfectly constructed and designed to be 100% compatible with the very low calorie "HCG Phase" of the original HCG Diet protocol by Dr. Simeons.
The HCG Diet Recipe Handbook is your perfect solution to add tons of variety, excitement, and an impact of exquisite cooking to your meals.

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Are you ready to start on the HCG Diet Program and finally shed those excess pounds as you begin your journey to better health and wellness? Our HCG Diet Injection Kits are manufactured here in a US-based compounding pharmacy under the most stringent quality guidelines and then tested for purity and safety.

The HCG injection program has been highly effective at contributing to the successful weight loss of most of our clients. While HCG injections are still not officially recognized as a treatment for weight loss, we have thousands of satisfied patients who have enjoyed complete success using this program.

Our HCG Diet Injection Kits include everything needed for self-administration of HCG injections and all the information necessary to successfully complete the program. You will have access to telephone and online secure medical consultation to ensure your every question or concern is answered. We offer fast shipping and outstanding customer service to support you as you work to acheive your health and wellness goals.

If you have found that traditional diet plans have not resulted in weight loss reasonable for your efforts, HCG injections may help. Our kits are based on Dr. Simeon’s original research resulting in weight loss results averaging as much as 1 pound per day for many of our clients.*

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Medical Weight Loss with the hCG Diet Plan

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BodyFitSuperstore.com represents a Telemedicine website which provides for prescriptions of HCG Diet & Vitamin injections for supplementation. The Staff Physician will review your medical history to see if you qualify medically for the products you desire. This service is provided at no additional cost.

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  1. Medical information is required for all orders and upon checkout, you will be asked to complete a brief medical questionnaire. The process is fast and convenient, but for compliance purposes, this information must be accurate and complete in order to write the prescriptions for the injectables you’ve ordered.
  2. An email confirming your order will be automatically sent to the address provided immediately after the website accepts your order. If you don’t receive the order confirmation shortly after placing your order, please check your Junk Mail / Spam folder to locate it.
  3. Once you have provided all required medical information, staff doctors will review your information and prepare the necessary prescriptions. You will be contacted by email or phone if required information is missing or if a medical consideration delays or prevents writing the prescription. This prescription is required prior to releasing your order for shipping.
  4. About order processing times - we make our best effort to ship your order the day it is received. However, please note that same-day shipping cannot be guaranteed. Orders cannot be shipped until medically approved and released. If your order is held up for medical or any other reason, we will attempt to contact you by email and phone to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Orders that have been released by the medical staff prior to 12:00pm EST (noon) generally ship the same day. Orders released after the noon deadline will be shipped the following business day. Tracking information will be emailed to you once your package ships.
  5. Shipping times - we ship via US Postal Service (USPS) and offer two Shipping Methods, Flat and Express. Orders may be shipped either USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping for 3-5 Day delivery times (not guaranteed) to anywhere in the US at a low rate, or you may select USPS Priority Mail Express for faster 1-2 Day delivery of packages anywhere in the Continental US for an additional charge.
  6. Cold shipping - products such as Glutathione and Methylcobalamin require cold shipping (using a cold pack) via Express Mail and will incur higher shipping charges. To avoid the risk of spoilage, we don’t ship cold products on Friday’s, instead they are shipped the following Monday to ensure you only receive safe, effective products.
  7. Quickest way to get your kit - place your order well before 12 noon EST and ensure all medical and contact information is correct. Select the Express Shipping Method. In most cases your package will ship the same day and arrive the following day. We strive to process your order and ship as quickly as possible. While we cannot guarantee next day delivery, in many cases our customers can receive their purchases the following day.
Should you have any questions, please contact your provider with any questions or concerns. We are here to help so order with confidence today!

More Information on the HCG Diet

Dr. SimeonsDr. A.T.W. Simeons

The first report on the use of HCG for management of obesity was published in 1954 by the late Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, a British Physician practicing in Rome. While working in India, he noticed that the so-called obese boys who showed Adiposogenital dystrophy (syndrome involving impaired function of the pituitary and hypothalamus) had improvement in their undescended testis when treated with HCG. He also observed that body fat distribution modified during the course of treatment. Therefore he hypothesized that if those children were concomitantly submitted to a very Hypocaloric diet they could reduce their body weight, consuming the "fat on the move".

"There are certain medical issues, such as problems with individual biochemistry and metabolism that can cause one to pack on pounds. Of the 65 percent of the population who are overweight, there are a portion of those people who are weight-loss resistant. If you are among that category, know that these medical conditions are studied, and there are ways to correct them." -The Hypothalamus

Below is information from Dr Simeons studies on HCG:

We all have a small gland deep within our brain called the hypothalamus. This is a vital part of the body which controls all our autonomatic functions, including breathing, heartbeat, digestion, sleep and the complicated functions of the endocrine (hormone) system. Included in these endocrine functions is the regulation and control of metabolism and weight.

Dr. Simeons identified three separate fat stores in the body; Structural, Normal, and Abnormal. Structural fat pads the various organs, protects the arteries and cushions the bony prominences. Normal fat is a bank from which the body can easily draw energy. Abnormal fat is a bank, much like a savings account, where fat is stored and basically locked away. This fat is very difficult to lose via exercise and calorie restriction. HCG mobilizes and eliminates these fat stores.

Normally when we cut back our calorie and fat intake, our bodies will in fact store fat and our metabolism slow down. This happens because fat is really a life-saving source of stored energy. When a very low calorie diet is employed with HCG, the body is signaled to use the fat that is stored for energy or for elimination.

Because HCG mobilizes fat and makes it available to the body as an energy source, it naturally reduces appetite. So, even though you are consuming fewer calories, your body is able to access the energy you have stored. Most people have plenty of energy and feel good while on the program.

HCG works to mobilize fat for utilization by the body only when there is a significant decrease in calories and fat. A starvation state must exist for HCG to work. For weight loss, we use a very low calorie diet to trigger HCG to help rid the body of abnormal fat.

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*DisclaimerFDA labeling for the approved HCG drug products requires the following statement about the use of HCG for weight loss: “HCG has not been demonstrated to be effective adjunctive therapy in the treatment of obesity. There is no substantial evidence that it increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that it causes a more attractive or ‘normal’ distribution of fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restricted diets.”



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