Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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About BodyFit Superstore:

Q. Why Buy from

A. BodyFit Superstore is a national distributor of weight loss, bodybuilding and sports supplements at deep discount prices. Our supplements are professional quality, meaning you won’t find them on the shelves of drugstores or big box retailers. Most nationally-advertised supplements sold in drugstores do not have the potency or the bioavailability for optimum supplementation.

100% Customer Satisfaction: BodyFit Superstore® is dedicated to providing our customers with the best service possible! We have over 8 years of experience supplying the nation with the best supplements available.  We offer premium 24/7 customer support to answer all your questions by email, phone or online chat.

We will continue to strive to make BodyFit Superstore® your first choice for the best diet supplements online by offering lightning fast shipping and superior customer service. We've partnered with world leaders in technology and security to provide you with an easy to use, fully interactive and secure on-line shopping experience.

Complete Selection: Think of us as your own personal supplement shop. We carry over 234 product lines for a total of 5,326 products. That means we don't have just a few major products. We keep an extensive inventory of all our major product lines in our combined 381,000 sq. feet of warehouse space so we never have to backorder.

Q. How Long Does it Usually Take to Have a Product Shipped to Me?

A. We process and ship out our products on the same day we receive your order (providing your address is verified and payment clears by 2:00pm). We ship via UPS and most customers in the United States get their orders between 1-3 business days depending on the destinations. Due to restrictions on certain ingredients in our professional supplements, we do not ship internationally at this time. See our Shipping Policies and Shipping Zones & Delivery Times.

Q. What Are The Shipping Fees?

A. Shipping fees are based on package weight and utilize the most current UPS published rates. See our Shipping Policies.

Q. How Do I Make My Purchase?

Place your order online with complete confidence that your transactions are accurate & secure. We've partnered with world leaders in technology and security to provide you with an easy to use, fully interactive and secure on-line shopping experience. See Our Privacy Policy.

Q. What If I Am Not Satisfied my Order?

A. Every order is backed by our 100% Satisfaction assurance policy. If you are not completely satisfied, with your order simply return the unopened merchandise to receive a full refund less shipping and handling. Returned orders not in resalable condition, or missing any bottles will not qualify for a refund. Any packages returned to us that do not fit the criteria listed for a refund will be forfeited. All returned packages must have received a Return Merchandise Authorization number. Please write RMA Number clearly on the shipping label for a refund. We will not be responsible for any lost packages. See Our Returns Policy.

Q. Will I Receive a Confirmation of My Order?

A. All orders placed through our online automated system will receive an email confirmation. If for any reason you have not received an email, there is a chance that your order was not completed or your email was invalid. Please email or call us to find out the status of your order.

Q. How Does BodyFit Superstore® Offer The Best Prices and Best Selection on Supplements?

A. With almost a decade worth of experience serving customers online, we carry over 234 product lines for a total of 5,326 products. That means we don't have just a few major products. We keep an extensive inventory of all our major product lines in our combined 381,000 sq. feet of warehouse space so we never have to backorder. Our extensive inventory gives you the best selection and us the buying power to provide deep discounts to the customers.

Q. Still Have Questions or Concerns?

A. Feel free to email us at:

General Questions about Weight Loss & Diet Pills:

Q. Why Can't I Lose Weight? Diet, Exercise and Diet Pills Aren't Working?

A. If you burn more calories than eat then you should be losing weight unless there are other physiological factors involved. To rule out some of the more common saboteurs read our detailed report: “Why Can’t I Lose Weight”

Q: Can I Take Diet Pills with Any Other Pills?

A: If you’re suffering from any diseases or you’re taking any other form of medication, always talk to your doctor before trying any pill. Never take diet pills if you are pregnant or nursing, have high blood pressure, heart disease or any other serious medical condition.

Q. Can You Really Lose Weight Taking Diet Pills?

A. To lose weight your body must take on fewer calories that it burns. Diet pills help your body to do that in three ways. They can suppress your hunger to stop you eating, speed up your metabolism so you burn more calories, and stop you absorbing food that you eat.

Q: What is the best weight loss pill?

A: The answer varies with person to person. It depends on your eating habits and several other factors. Read our report “Diet Pills Demystified” to learn which pills are the best for you personally to increase your chances of success.

Q. Is Exercise and Diet Necessary to Lose Weight While Taking Diet Pills?

A. Like with all diet pills, to achieve the best results it is important that diet pills be taken together with a regular exercise program and a healthy diet. The right diet pills can exponentially increase the rate of success, but we do recommend a healthy diet and regular exercise for maximum results.

Q. Are there Specific Guidelines for Taking Diet Pills?

Here are a few simple rules to follow when deciding to take diet pills to help your weight loss progression:

  1. You should always take the pills whole with a glass of water, never crush them up or grind them to mix in drinks or soups.
  2. Diet pills will make you need to urinate more frequently. You will need to consistently drink 8 glasses of water each day to avoid becoming dehydrated and suffering worse complications.
  3. If you take more than you are prescribed at any given time thinking it will help you lose weight faster, you could end up in the hospital or with severe side effects. You must always take the prescribed dosage!
    You must always keep your heartbeat at 86 beats per minute. If it reaches 90 or more you could be at serious risk for failure or other problems.
  4. Always follow the directions on the box, as well as speaking with your doctor or dietician before proceeding. Those are a general guideline and your doctor will know if something is better for your situation and health. You must also remember that diet pills will only work the way they should if you are following a healthy balanced diet as well.
  5. Most pills are only safe to use for 3 months. As they contain what is known as phenylpropanolamine, this is only safe to use up to 16 weeks.

Questions about Specific Supplements:

Q. How Do Protein Supplements Help You Lose Weight?

A. Protein can actually influence your body's ability to build lean muscle, burn fat. Increasing your protein intake almost always results in greater muscularity. Protein in large amounts (1.5 to 2 grams per pound of body weight) maxes out the amino acid content of the muscles, giving them a harder, fuller appearance. Your hormonal system also gets involved, switching over from fat storing to a fat burning mode through the release of the hormone glucagon. This fat burning hormone is released in response to a greater protein/carbohydrate ratio in your diet. You could simply lower carbohydrates, but if you did you'd lose a lot of muscle.

Q. Where does real Hoodia Gordonii come from?

A. Real Hoodia gordonii diet pills are made from freshly harvested Hoodia Gordonii succulents dried and milled into a fine powder that have been inspected and certified by the Republic of South Africa, National Department of Agriculture - Directorate of Plant Health & Quality. We guarantee our Hoodia Pills are authentic.

Q. How safe are Hoodia diet pills? What are the side effects?

A. Not only have the local people of South Africa, whose ancestors have been using the plant for thousands of years, confirmed there are no negative side effects. Scientists have also found there are no negative side-effects. As acknowledgment to its safety, Hoodia is classified as food in South Africa, NOT a drug. 

Questions about HCG Injection Program:

Q. How much weight should I expect to lose?

A. On the 28 day protocol the average is about 18 pounds, but many will lose an average of a pound a day. Remember these are averages and any weight loss is a success.

Q. My weight loss started at a pound a day and is now only about 0.5 to 0.8 pounds a day. Is this normal?

A. Completely. This does happen. Remember, it is all FAT and if you are losing consistently you do not have to make adjustments. If it is a true plateau then follow the plateau instructions. You have to look at what the weight loss is over the entire program duration, so having some days with a bit higher or lower weight loss is standard.

Q. Do I take shots during my menstrual cycle?

A. Yes you can. Some program administrators will have you stop the shots while on your period, but we have found that with the difference in cycle lengths and the weight loss delays makes it easier to continue through your menstrual cycle.

Q. After dilution, will the HCG go bad in the refrigerator during the 23 or 43 days?

A. Advancements have been made in the field of HCG Production. It has been tested to be 100% full strength for 30 days.

Q. Does sublingual HCG work?

A. With all testing available, results show that the injections are much more effective in helping in the loss of abnormal fat deposits and keeping off the fat.. Most people that were initially uncertain about using the injections found that the needles are so small that they are for the most part painless.

Q. Does homeopathic HCG work?

A. From all available testing, there is no proof that Homeopathic HCG is any more effective than a placebo. Stick with the injectable HCG for better results.

Q. If I sign up at, can I call for advice?

A. Yes, we have a support packages that can be purchased with the program which includes phone and email questions. Once your payment clears you will be be given phone a toll-free support number and emil contact. 

Q. Are there any side effects of doing the HCG Protocol?

A. Anytime you start a diet program you can anticipate some changes to occur. This can be from the change in calorie intake or reduction in certain substances such as caffeine or alcohol. This is a small amount of hormone that is taken. Remember, pregnant women produce about 1,000,000IU of HCG every day. On the HCG Diet, only 170IU/day is taken.

Q. I feel bloated and am losing weight slowly, what do I do?

A. Consider Probiotics and digestive enzymes. It will help to release all of the water weight..

Q. I'm tired and hungry! What do I do?

A. Make sure you are taking enough water in. Usually additional water intake and time will alleviate your hunger. If you must eat more try some celery or if necessary some additional protein.

Q. What if I go 3 days with no weight loss?

A. You should follow the Plateau directions by eating apples. This is eating nothing but 6 apples throughout the day. It will be a lot easier than you think. You should show weight loss the next day and then resume the predicted weight loss.

Q. I reached my goal weight on the HCG program, what do I do now?

A. Consider doing the Trim 20/30 diet program for 30 days to get adjusted to the increase in caloric intake and more regular eating habits while staying on a high protein, low carb structure. This will help you from having a quick relapse or weight increase.

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